Welcome to Reading Readiness!

United Way of the Ouachitas has asked the community what they believe is the best way to overcome poverty. The community decided the best way to overcome poverty was to start at being reading ready by 3rd grade. If they are not at grade level reading by 3rd grade, they are at a higher risk to fall behind and stay behind. Being behind in reading affects the child's entire education. Not having a good education then affects their job choices, which turns around and affects their entire lives and the possibility of their future generations' lives.

For those children who are reading at grade level by 3rd grade, they go on to have a 96% graduation rate.

Reading is Success

On this page, you will find resources to help get your children ready to read by 3rd grade.


• GARLAND COUNTY LIBRARY - www.gclibrary.com/services/kids.html

• IMAGINATION LIBRARY OF THE OUACHITAS - www.garlandcountyimaginationlibrary.org

• LITERACY COUNCIL OF THE OUACHITAS - www.literacycouncilgarlandcounty.org