Campaign at a Glance



I was involved with the United Way most of my professional career. I have been blessed to be associated with the United Way of the Ouachitas during my retirement. It has given me the opportunity to continue to Live United, Give Back and Help Those in need in our community. What do I mean by “Living United and Giving Back”?  


Living United and Giving Back can be inconvenient, time consuming, heart rendering, and sometimes physically and emotionally draining. But seeing that we can provide comfort to those in need, joy to someone unhappy and smiles on the faces of those that are thankful for having been thought of and helped makes all the effort worthwhile.


Our Community is made up of people of all races, religions, cultures, and levels of need. So giving back doesn’t just mean providing food to families that may not have the resources to buy food on a regular basis. It also means helping educate people about how to manage their income. Help pay rent and utilities when someone loses their job. Be a sounding board for someone who just needs to be heard. Do all this with empathy and compassion and the personal rewards will be deeply satisfying. Living United and Giving Back is what binds and enriches our community. I strongly encourage everyone to devote some time to giving a helping hand to those in need.


I am looking forward to United Way of the Ouachitas, once again, having a significant impact in the wellbeing of our community in 2024.


Campaign Chair


Paul Nothern
President, United Way of the Ouachitas
2024 Campaign Chair