The Heart Beat - KUHS 102.5 FM

KUHS 102.5 FM Community Radio Project is completely solar powered and created to be a community engaging, informative, and inspiriting collaboration created by Low Key Arts, a local non-profit group focused in Hot Springs, Arkansas. The point of broadcast is stationed on West Mountain and reaches only the Hot Springs area. However, online streaming will allow KUHS to reach a virtually unlimited audience. Programming will be created by residents of Hot Springs, from music shows to talk radio. 
The Heart Beat is a radio show brought to you by our Community Outreach & Marketing  Director, Cora Easterday, every Wednesday morning from 8:00 am - 8:30 am. 
Cora has new organizations on air on a weekly basis about local programs and upcoming events. 
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Do you want your organization on the air? Here's your chance! Contact Cora Easterday by email, or call her at 501.623.2505
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