2019 Contestants

Arkansas School of Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts

A.J. Navarro is a Junior from Hot Springs attending the Arkansas School for Mathematics, Sciences and the Arts (ASMSA). Navarro's principal instrument is piano which he enjoys playing as a member of the ASMSA band in addition to his other studies.

Cutter Morning Star School District

Hey, I'm Joshua Johnson, and I've been gifted with the ability to do almost anything with my voice, and have been doing just that for nearly my entire life. I also love to game and work on computers.

Fountain Lake School District

Sandor Hampo is a sophomore at Fountain Lake High School. His proud parents are Diana and Alex Hampo. Sandor grew up in Fountain Lake. I really love math, science, space, and my girlfriend but my true passion is Percussion. My great grandmother was a teacher at Fountain Lake way way back in the 50's. I am proud to represent my school, family and the Fountain Lake Cobra drumline! 

Hot Springs School District - 2019 Talent Show Winners!

Abigail Robertson (Hot Springs, Arkansas) has been training for six years. She began her journey at Dance Arts Studio taking hip-hop, jazz and ballet. After discovering her passion at school, she fell in love with ballet and chose to pursue it more seriously under the instruction of Edmond Cooper. She has now almost completed her third year with Edmond Cooper, she has participated in the following productions: Peter Pan, Coppelia, A Midsummers Night’s Dream and both 2016 and 2017 productions of the Nutcracker dancing solos and corp dances. Through the Hot Springs Children’s Dance Theater Troupe within Hot Springs School District, training in ballet, jazz, tap, and modern ballet to help make her well rounded in all aspects of dance. Through the dance program, run by Amy Bramlett-Turner, she is a member of the National Honor Society of Dance as a publicity manager. Throughout her time with the HSDT she has been given many opportunities to dance in the community and attend master classes including those with Jessica Lang Dance, Meleek Washington, Stivittes. Additionally, she has attended the Ballet Arkansas summer intensive along with UALR workshops and Stephanie Thibeault. She plans to pursue her dreams of dancing professionally and is currently working toward attending a conservatory of the arts.

David Warren is a 19 year old Triple Threat with plans to make his name be known as one of the biggest names in the industry. He was educated at Hot Springs World Class High School. Throughout his high school years he has been a part of several shows in Las Vegas with well-known guest teachers such as Chris Brown, Tyrell Role, Antonio Fargas, and many more. He is currently looking to attend American Musical Dance Academy in his hometown of Los Angeles, CA.

Jessieville School District

Grace, Jill and Annabel Robertson are a group of sisters that hav ebeen singing across Arkansas for free at medical benefits, nursing homes, cjurches and more for about seven years now. Our grandpa has always played for us, and so we deided to give ourselves a little name-Robertson Tradition. We love the Lord, we love old school gospel and bluegrass music, and we love touching other's lives with our performances (and often our own).

Lake Hamilton School District - Talent Show 3rd Place Winner!

Ben Favorite is a senior at Lake Hamilton High School. He has been a self-taught pianist for 5 years and has to practice countless hours a day to perform. His favorite composer quote is from Claude Debussy that said, "works of art make rules; rules do not make works of art." This quote has helped him realize that anone can make or perform art because art doesn't come from rules; it comes from the soul of the performer.

Lakeside School District - Talent Show 2nd Place Winner!

Adrian, aka Mr. Lakeside, has done many talent shows in the past, being the first place winner of 4, and has been a magician for seven years. He enjoys playing trombone in the band, and in his free time. Tonight he will show his take on a classic in magic.

Magnet Cove School District 

Gabby Rudolph is a senior at Magnet Cove High School. She enjoys singing, acting, dancing, baking, and being around friends and loved ones. After high school she wants to attend Pulaski Tech for culinary while still pursuing her dream of being a performer.

Mountain Pine School District

Jamie Walsh is a Junior at Mountain Pine High School. She participates in several different activities on campus including cheer, band, and choir. This year Jamie won the High School division of, "The Pine's Got Talent," with her beautiful rendition of, "Say Something."

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