Employee Campaign Coordinator Handbook

Employee Campaign Coordinator






1.  United Way of the Ouachitas is not a branch of United Way Worldwide.
Independent of other United Way's, it is separately incorporated and governed by local volunteers. A member of United Way Worldwide, which provides support services such as national advertising, campaign material and research. Our annual membership dues are entirely paid for by special fund raisers. Every penny of the annual United Way Drive stays here.
2.  United Way of the Ouachitas is run by local volunteers.
A cross section of the leadership of your community comprises the board of United Way of the Ouachitas. They meet often and review operations of the organization as well as the partner agencies supported by United Way.
3.  United Way of the Ouachitas helps your own neighbors in need.
United Way of the Ouachitas plays a vital role in our community, helping to fund key health and human service agencies which improve the quality of life for many of our neighbors, friends, and families. The demand for these services provided by our partner agencies are growing every day.
4.  United Way of the Ouachitas is efficient.
Thanks in part to the great deal of work done by volunteers, United Way conducts its mission with one of the lowest overhead rates of any charity. No professional fund-raisers or advertising agencies are paid to help with the annual campaign. The United Way office building is free of any mortgage or rent. Anonymous donors have paid for the land and building.
5.  United Way of the Ouachitas does not receive tax dollars.
The United Way does not receive funds generated by any Federal, State, or local taxes. All of the monies raised each year come from corporate and individual contributions. United Way partner agencies depend on your support through the United Way of Garland County to keep vital programs alive.
Thousands need us; We need you!
Seven Hurdles to a Successful Campaign
1. I hate asking for money.
  • The number 1 reason that people don’t give is they are not asked.
  • You are asking them to invest in their community and help provide a strengthened community for all of us.
  • Give information.
  • Share passion.
  • Giving is a personal choice – respect that and give them the choice.
2. I don’t have a thousand bucks right now.
  • Break it down per pay period.
  • Give up one latte a day.
3. This is going to be way too much work for me alone.
  • Ask for help from:
    • Management team and co-workers
    • Loaned Executives
    • Campaign Staff
    • Other Campaign Coordinators
4. What do they do with all that money?
  • 100% of employee donations stay here.
  • Create positive outcomes for people in need.
  • Use your charity service listing for referrals.
  • Use your charity speakers.
5. My boss can’t be bothered.
  • Philanthropy is good for business and creates good morale thus leading to increased productivity.
  • Unites the organization.
6. I can’t coordinate a multi-shift campaign. 
  • Contact your Loaned Executive. The LE’s job is to help you and support you in any way they can.
7. What part of no don’t you understand?
  • Remember that your job is to give information and share your passion. We are not aiming for 100% participation.
These are some of the tough questions and comments you might hear. The best way to deal with them is to be prepared.
Step 1:           Start at the top!
*           Seek the CEO's support by asking them to speak briefly about the United Way at the kick-off meeting.
*           Keep the CEO informed as to the progress of your campaign and have them send memos or letters to employees thanking them for their support.
Step 2:           Get help!
*           Solicit help from other employees.
*           Ask a United Way representative to speak to employees.
*           Ask employees who have benefitted from a United Way Agency to give a testimonial.
Step 3:           Set campaign goals!
*           Encourage payroll deduction if available.
*           Determine a goal for the company by the number of employees giving so much per pay period.
*           Establish goals or challenges between departments.
Step 4:           Develop public relations!
*           A positive campaign atmosphere can be achieved through company newsletters, posters, displays, etc. (i.e., company poster with pictures of employees’ involvement with United     Way or Partner Agency)
*           Employee campaigns should not drag. They should be fast moving and enthusiastic. (2 weeks)
*           Tour United Way Agencies to see firsthand where the money goes.
Step 5:           Carry out the campaign!
*           Set a time frame for all cards to be returned.  (usually 2 weeks)
*           Pass cards out at beginning of meeting, collect at end of meeting.
*           Campaign meeting should last 20 - 30 minutes.
*           Be sure to thank employees for their contribution.
Setting Your Company Campaign Goals
       Analyze last year’s workplace giving campaign
Look at last year’s performance to determine what worked and what opportunities there are for improvement. United Way of the Ouachitas will provide you with information about last year’s workplace campaign.  Review the following areas:
                                                                                                            Last year’s total
            Number of employee’s                                                     _____________________
            Number of contributor’s                                                   _____________________
            Number of leadership contributor’s ($500 & above)             _____________________
            Percent participation                                                       _____________________
            Amount raised                                                                _____________________
            Average gift                                                                    _____________________
            Corporate contribution                                                     _____________________
□          Setting your goals
Setting realistic and challenging goals are important to ensure your workplace giving campaign is a success. There are two strategies to increase employee contributions:  1) increase participation, and 2) increase the average gift amount.
            1.         Ways to increase participation
  • 100% Ask!  Make sure every employee is educated about how United Way of the Ouachitas is addressing our community’s most pressing problems and how their contribution is making a difference.
  • Ask each employee to submit a pledge form (paper or online) even if they do not contribute. This ensures they have had the opportunity to review the form and make an educated decision.
  • Take employees on Partner Agency site visits.
  • Use incentives to encourage employees to return pledge forms by a certain date.
  • Promote competition amongst departments, teams, etc.
  • Offer retirees an opportunity to contribute.
  • Ask new employees to contribute as they are hired (new hire program).
  • Encourage your company to offer a 1:1 match and publicize the match to your employees.
2.         Ways to increase average gift:
  • Hold separate educational meeting(s) with your management and leadership teams prior to your campaign kick-off.
  • Hold employee educational meeting(s) with all company employees.
  • Dedicate your meetings entirely to United Way of the Ouachitas – experience shows that meetings are less effective when combined with open enrollment or other pre-existing meetings.
  • Use United Way of the Ouachitas volunteers and employee testimonials in employee educational meetings.
  • Encourage your company to offer a 1:1 match and publicize the match to your employees.
  • Promote payroll deduction over one-time contributions and special events.
  • Ask employee’s to increase their contribution by a certain amount per pay period.
  • Offer incentives to encourage giving at higher levels, including leadership giving.
  • Encourage employees to give one hour’s pay or a certain percentage of their salary.
Goal Setting Worksheet
A goal is important to maximizing the success of your workplace giving campaign. Use the goal setting formulas below to help you determine your new workplace campaign goals. If you need help or have questions, please contact United Way of the Ouachitas, 501-623-2505.
Review Previous Year’s Employee Workplace Campaign Results
Number of Contributors                         Average Yearly
                                                            Contribution Amount
___________________                           _________________
                                                                                                                        Last Year’s Total
This Year’s Goal Setting
            Last Year’s Participation           ___________ %
            Total # of Employees                ___________ 
            Increase to __________% participation = _________ New Contributors
Number of New Contributors                  Yearly Contribution
_______________________                    __________________
(with increased participation)                  (________ per month)
Increase Average Gift of Current Contributors                                               +     
Number of Current Contributors              Increased Yearly Contribution Amount
_______________________                    ____________________
                                                            (________ per month increase)
New Employee Workplace Campaign Goal                               =  
Consider removing all leadership givers ($500 and above) and their contributions from your figures as you work through this process. These contributions dramatically affect your goal. Follow the same process to establish a separate leadership goal.

Kickoff Rally Ideas
  • Pancake breakfast with the boss as the cook
  • Coffee and donuts
  • Cake and punch
  • Barbeque
  • Ice cream social
Special Events and other Fund Raisers
  • CEO dunk tank
  • Used book/CD/DVD sale
  • Rummage sale
  • Plant or flower sale
  • Executive shoe shine
  • 50/50 raffle
  • Casual day for United Way (employee pays to wear jeans on Fridays)
  • Craft and/or bake sale
  • Flea market with used office furniture, etc.
  • Office scavenger hunt
  • Pie-eating contest
  • Video/computer/wii game competition
  • Tricycle race
  • Halloween costume or celebrity look-alike contest
  • “How many jelly beans in the jar?” or another counting contest
Baby Picture Contest
Employees bring in a baby picture of themselves and staff guesses who is who. Charge an entry fee for employees to submit their guesses. The person with the most correct answers wins a prize.
Balloon Pop
Before filling a balloon with helium, put a note inside with the name of a prize. Employees pay $1 to buy a balloon and pop it to find out what prize they’ve won. Include a United Way fact in each balloon.
Basket Auction
Ask each department at your organization to sponsor, create, and fill a theme basket (spa day, chocolate, golf, cooking). The baskets are then auctioned off.
Book Sale
Invite employees to donate books. Encourage them to bring their donations in early. Price paperbacks at $1 and hardbacks at $2. The leftover books can be donated to a United Way Partner Agency.
Children’s Drawing Contest
Employees are given “official photographs” of one or two top executives to take home for their children to draw. Contest is limited to children under 12 who are related to any employee in the organization. Employees can vote for the best drawing by paying a nominal fee. Prizes will be given to all participants (try getting a local fast food restaurant to donate a certificate for a free lunch). Count all votes and announce the winners at the company campaign’s final event. A variant of the contest would be to have children draw a picture relating to a theme creating greater awareness of United Way.
Creative Tie Contest
Divide up into different teams within the office. Each team should use its creative talent to “design” a tie. Put the ties on display for a few days or for the duration of the campaign. Put a container with each tie to collect money for the best tie. The tie with the most money wins. Designate someone within the company (i.e., CEO) to wear the winning tie for a day.
Sell Bingo cards for a small fee. Send emails sporadically throughout the week with one or two Bingo numbers each time. The first person to get Bingo should let everyone know by sending an email to all users, and of course, she or he will win a prize.
Executive Picture Contest
There are many ways to play this contest. First you need to decide what you want the winning executive to do, i.e. pie in the face, serve as receptionist one day. Place jars with pictures of top executives head, knee down shot with or without shoes, etc. The one that receives the most money in their jar is the winner or loser, whichever way you want to look at it.
Got Games
Educate employees about United Way and its partner agencies in a fun way by incorporating a game show theme, i.e. Jeopardy, The Price is Right, Let’s Make a Deal. Use information from the United Way web site, www.unitedwayouachitas.org, to create quizzes inspired by different game shows. Play the game(s) at a group meeting or give everyone the opportunity to play by creating a worksheet or posting questions online.  Each time someone gets the answer right, give him/her a prize.
Halloween Pumpkin Carving Contest
Charge a nominal fee to enter and/or vote. Award prizes in categories including best traditional pumpkin, most creative pumpkin, best effort by group or individual, and best entry involving multiple pumpkins. This works especially well if you have a lot of traffic in your office throughout the day.
Hats Off to United Way
Designate a day as “Hat Day” and ask employees to wear their favorite hat to work. Award prizes for silliest, biggest, hat that most represents your company, etc.
Miniature Golf
Create a two-hole course in a conference room area to test the skills of your employees. The lowest score (which may be decided by a tiebreaker) will take home a tacky sports coat (preferably from a thrift store).  Interested employees return an entry form, pay a nominal fee and bring a putter the day of the event. A variation of the event would be to create a tiny golf course in the parking lot of your organization and use child-sized golf clubs.
Mini Indy 500
Rent or borrow remote-controlled cars and set up an “Indy 500” race. Use office supplies to make the track more interesting. Teams can be sponsored to compete. Spectators can place bets on their favorite team or car.
Summer Get-A-Way Picnic
Host a summer picnic with a grilled lunch for employees. Raise money by conducting raffles and including games for prizes, e.g. an egg relay, tricycle races, water balloon toss, and tug-of-war. Obtain prizes from vendor and local companies.
Tailgate Party
Consider creating a sports theme for your campaign since the United Way campaign period coincides with the football season. Sell football fare from a truck in the parking lot “tailgate” style. Offer hot dogs, popcorn, peanuts, soft drinks, and other goodies. Organize a tag football game, with participants donating an entry fee and observers wagering on the outcome.
Turkey Giveaway
Raffle off a turkey for Thanksgiving dinner.