The Circle of Life

The expectant life of a plastic bottle cap is normally very short.

Most people think bottle caps are unrecyclable. However, left to careless individuals, a bottle cap can end up squashed in a parking lot, on the bottom of the lake, in the belly of a bird - billions of pounds of plastic are polluting our world. Is there anything we can do to help recycle bottle caps?

An artist says yes!

Berry Plastics is a great contributor to the United Way campaign each year. Through payroll deductions and donations such as theirs, United Way can continue to give funds to partner agencies such as Emergent Arts and the Ouachita Children's Center.

An artist collaborating through Emergent Arts has created the idea to use plastic caps to create a mural on the bus stop at the Ouachita Children's Center.

Groups and organizations throughout Hot Springs have been saving a varity of plastic lids for over a year to help the Emergent Arts' artist have enough to make a complete mural.