Please go to the website below and complete your profile information. I have tried to break it down into simple steps to follow so you can easily access the issues. It should about take 5 min. to complete. There are 3 issues that need to be submitted. I think most of you will agree to the content of blanket letter, but as with everything, I would not want you to sign your name to something that you do not agree with. Thank you for your time and for being a friend to AUI! Please feel free to share with other interested parties, friends and familiesJ

Please read below and see attachments

1. Go to ACCSES Action Center at

2. Under Actions-click on 3 advocacy campaigns

3. Click on each of the 3 active issues

4. Complete Profile

5. Customize your Signature

6. Send message

Also, very important at the bottom of the ACCSES letter are other suggestions, along with the attached letter to The Honorable John B. King Jr.

*** The Advisory Committee On Increasing Competitive Integrated Employment meets April 27-28, 2016 in Washington D.C. for the agenda go to

*** To make a comment to the WIOA advisory committee go to